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Hello!  My name is Evangeline M.  You may call me Em.  I started my love affair with words at the age of twelve when I took Journalism and Creative Writing under the direction of an incredible teacher by the name of Mrs Constance Raza.  She carried a no nonsense persona but she couldn’t fool her class!  We saw right through her serious, patient, and quiet demeanor; we knew she stinkin adored her pupils simply by the love and patience she exuded, and the gleam in her eyes and excitement in her voice as she shared her passion for the craft she loved.  It’s a beautiful thing when teachers take a blank slate, like that of a child’s mind and help mold it into a wonderful useable vessel, thus transferring their knowledge and passion to their students in many wonderful ways. The Journalism I learned in her class helped me become an active writer for school newspapers for the next six years that followed into the end of my senior high school year, where I and a handful of hopefuls was selected to participate in a Journalism Apprenticeship Summer program for a Washington D.C. tabloid newspaper.  It was no doubt an enlightening experience! I’m sure our beloved teacher would had been proud!  She too would had been proud to know that because of her transferred passion, at 17 years old, I and two other high school students were nominated and accepted to be published in a Time magazine Special Poetry Edition insert.  This may all sound like small mediocre achievments to a successful writer, but it is a truly exciting tender moment for a first-time achiever.  I would have not been prepared to meet these challenges if it weren’t for this very special teacher that provided the fundamentals of Creative Writing.

Through the years, I continued to write as a form of release by journaling, and about four years ago, I met Twitter, found an awesome poetry community with wonderful Prompt Hosts, got hooked more in depth, and the rest is history, as they say (smiles).  So here I am more in love with words than ever.  It has been very cathartic for me, my saving grace, and many times my sanity, Lol!  I owe this beautiful adventure with words to my wonderful teacher, Mrs. Raza to whom I will be forever in her debt for sharing such a beautiful gift. To her firstly, I dedicate this blog.

I have always thought it a beautiful thing when teachers lovingly pour their passion into their students as they teach.  My sincere gratitude and admiration to All teachers, but especially to those that live to prove:

“I touch the future.  I teach.”

~ Christa McCauliffe

Inspiring words from an inspiring teacher herself.  I have improved a great deal with my writing since four years ago, partly because of continual practice, prompt interactions, believing more in my abilities and the invaluable support and encouragement from Prompt Hosts and extremely talented poets and poetry lovers.  I do hope you can appreciate and enjoy my words, most of which are written from the depths of my soul.  Although, I have come a long way with my writing, I still have a ways to go before I can call myself a true poet.  Thank you for taking the time to read this humble servant of the written word.  Your encouragement and support is Priceless!!

A sincere heartfelt Thank You to:  @mnm67 @BozandBon and @loveforrealstar for the encouraging nudges, support, warmth and belief in me during those delicate moments when I have found it hard sometimes to believe in myself.  Each of you occupies a very special space in my heart, and am incredibly grateful!! Warmest of hugs!!❤💞❤

Love & Light Friends!!❤

~ Em ~


Missing you…

3-8-17 Backyard MoonYou could be right in front of me, but the minute my eyes feel the painful singe of separation, a surge of ‘missing you’ ignites a cold burn coursing through the hollow of my veins.  This sudden thought of my space being empty or void of you rises in my chest like rapid ascending waters… smothering my senses, my heart, and my very being!  To keep from drowning completely, I write; like bailing water from my heart.  I write…

and write…

and write…

as if by doing so, I keep these rising waters at bay… until I see you again.