vulnerable fragile
held prisoner
in purgatory
whilst horror and numbness
to a stillness
under man’s frigid
in a stupor
of Silence



Her Heart


Realization seeped
He doesn’t care about you!
He never did

To be sure it can never
be touched too soon…

In silence

She draped her heart to dry
on the crook of
a crescent moon


Where did it go?


I understand unrequited love stays with the forlorn
to haunt him or her
for the rest of their lives,
but, where does the love
of the one that tossed it go?

Is it shivering in the dark cold, all alone on a park bench?

Is it slumped with the homeless, living in a cardboard box?

Did it dissipate into the heavens?

Could it be restless in an unmarked grave, or is there a place where love drifts to for eternal rest while still on earth? If so, where is it?

Do they have visiting hours? I wonder…

I want to know where your love for me went to? If it’s in a cemetery somewhere, I want to be its first visitor.

I want to know how the epitaph reads. Does it bear a name, or is it marked “Unknown,” like lost remains of brave soldiers brought back home?

If it’s possible to revive it, I want it to know that it was NEVER unwanted by me, that it is always welcomed back to its original home, and that I am so very sorry for having released it onto neglectful hands. Next time, I shall be the wiser.




When I see you
I don’t see a face or body
but my eternal love

When I hear your voice
I don’t hear discordant tones
but sweet angel whispers

When you touch me
I feel nothing but your
fingers dancing on my soul

Remember this, the next time
you think of apologizing
for getting old



Our first encounter
  an awaited desire
Here we are finally
  à deux

Cold sweat trembling
  facing this fire
Of a million mile ache
  of me and you

Whilst physically clinging
   to every fiber of strength
Tryin’ to behave
  tryin’ to show constraint

But our minds
  oh, our minds
Have already

Causing havoc
  with our bodies



I long ago dismissed
trying to find pure Love
in this lonely planet
filled with people

but through an eyelet
of time
not expecting this find
tucked in a corner
of space
away from rusty hands

I found Love’s dwelling