Some peaches drop
from trees prematurely
still a bit hard and unripe

they land beautifully
but unedible

and then there are some
that hang dutifully to that
matriarch branch
getting nourished and strengthened
into the sweetest
most favoured

when they fall
they land blemished
sometimes severely marred
and are many times dismissed
by their appearance

forsaken, abandoned…to rot



To understand you
I had to blot out
my wants and needs

It was hard
cause they kept

You’re so irresistible
you know…

I just want you to know
that I understand you
a bit better today

It’s finally sinking in

Instead of seeing you
with desirous eyes

my filter has changed

and I have adopted
the eyes of compassion

desiring you less each day
but still valuing our friendship

because inside of you…
beyond your dark

you own pure light

…and it is so very



All the memories
we built together
sacred sensual joyful
i won’t ask for them back

they’ll just haunt me alone

let’s gather yours
combine with mine
burn them to cinders

keep nothing alive
nothing pulsing

burn them along with
my emotions my sins
shame and ego

burn to smithereens
cool to ash

let not a splinter remain

i know it matters naught
to you
i do it for me

not wanting to leave
loose ends
that would somehow
gather life
and gravitate back
to you

to start this cycle o’er again

your pull is beyond this world
not natural at all
pulling my soul right
out of my body

that has never happened
alien to me
maybe you Are an alien

thief of hearts!
treacherous callous beast!

leaving trails of destruction
without looking what damage
you’re leaving behind



I love you…
not because of your talent, I didn’t notice that till later. I love you for your candid soul; gentle, kind, compassionate… or was that just a really good front? It can’t be!! People can’t fake this shit in the light and shadows for this long! You must have touched one of my weak chords… but still, you played me. You played me long and hard, until I too, believed I had turned into your favourite guitar. You know, the one you never remove from the house and lovingly play each night; practicing new tunes for the world to hear next, then tenderly retire to its faded case before you dose off? Yes love, you strummed me well. I submitted…deliciously melting like chocolate under the heat of your deft strokes and dulcet lyrics; exploding in your veins as your greatest work of art!

Thus, the masterpiece and creator will forever stay bound somehow. I, the instrument; soulfully bound to you, and you, the music man; merely the carrier of my heart…and nothing more.



When I think of the
word “love”
it’s your face I see
your touch I feel
your air I breathe

You are breathtaking

Sonnets are writ with rusty hands
truth struggles for breath
inside chimerical minds
and dusty hearts

but you…

You’re a brilliant star
a moving galaxy
a gentle ocean
of steady wonder

You are impressive

You seized my attention
made my heart smile
revived my bones
awakened my soul
and gently returned
what others stole

Yes, you are a treasure

…more reasons why I love you


True Love

I have always believed
that true love never leaves

It might sulk in crevices or hidden places

but never just vanish

it truly is strange
deeply hurt love
all its energy
to make an appearance
when it snifs loss in the air

arriving just in time
to rescue a mutual love
just in time
to attend its funeral



When it comes to being

loved truly…I am a virgen

I’ve never been

truly kissed

truly held

truly guarded

truly missed

or…truly loved

…and it’s Ok

Not everyone’s meant

to be loved

Not everyone was created

to be cherished

or worshiped

Some of us are here to give

Not take

Not give and take

…but simply Give

and give…

and give…

until there is no more

and we get swallowed

into the dirt whence we came

to start over in another lifeform

The cycle to continue

again and again

No respite no grace

…this is our martyred state


Forever Love

I am a forever love
I am not…
a sometimes love
a last resort love
a second choice love
a friend with benefits love
a when you’re bored love
a rebound love
a if you have time love
or an afterthought love

I have value and uniqueness
too rare to be called ordinary

So, if you see me as such
and don’t see the special
that I possess, then move along

I will wait for the someone
that has been praying exactly
for what you’ve depreciated

I am a forever love

If you can’t give me forever
then, I’m not your love